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    Howard Heller

      We are offering students preparing for their actuarial exams the opportunity to schedule a free consultation with an expert at ActuaryExamTutor to discuss their exam preparation process and obstacles that they may be encountering to passi ng.

      Common Topics to Explore During an Exam Consultation

      Which exam should I take first?

      When do I start studying for an exam?

      How many hours do I study for an exam?

      What materials should I use in preparing?

      I failed the past sitting and am not sure why

      I keep failing the same exam and my score is not really improving

      There are certain topics that I just cannot master

      I feel very rushed during the exam

      I am getting very nervous prior to my exam sitting and am not able to focus during the exam

      I am doing very well in practice solving problems but not well on the exam

      Whatever the specific case might be, we will be happy to speak with students to uncover their path to passing the exam.

      Click the link below to schedule your free consultation with an expert at ActuaryExamTutor






      (212) 874-4105

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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