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      I am selling 3 FAP textbooks as a bundle at Ebay. Send me a direct message through AO if you don’t want to use ebay.com


      1. Klugman, S., 2012. Understanding Actuarial Practice. Society of Actuaries.
      2. Bellis, C., Klugman, S., Shepherd, J., and Lyon, R., 2010 (Second Edition). Understanding Actuarial Management: The Actuarial Control Cycle. Institute of Actuaries of Australia.
      3. Segal, S., 2011.Corporate Value of Enterprise Risk Management: The Next Step in Business Management, Wiley.

      Brown and Lennox’s book (Introduction to Ratemaking and Loss Reserving for Property and Casualty Insurance) is not included, and you will not need it – I used to have one but only used once for about 10 minutes while studying for FAP (but not for IA or FA).

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