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    Howard Heller

      Hello Exam LTAM Students:

      Attached are the solutions to Spring LTAM 2021 c0-authored by Siegfried Anyomi and Yufeng Guo.

      Siegfried Anyomi will be leading an LTAM Exam Preparation Program co-partnered by ActuaryExamTutor and ACTEX Learning beginning August 7th. (please read below)

      ActuaryExamTutor and ACTEX Learning are pleased to co-partner a NEW Live Program for Exam LTAM Preparation, led by expert Exam LTAM instructor Siegfried Anyomi. This dynamic program combines the most advanced network of study tools, the ACTEX Learning Study Manual Program for LTAM with live weekly instruction throughout the program, providing a powerful program package that has never been offered before.  Depending on whether you are at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, enter the program at one of three points in the program, for the individual and custom instruction that is most appropriate for your study schedule and level of preparedness. Greatly advance your preparation skills not only from the hands-on teaching and personal coaching from Instructor Anyomi, but also from his online office hours, his timely replies to your questions on the program’s community board, and the invaluable guidance he will provide you for your self-study.  Instructor Anyomi will initially assess your strengths and weaknesses, and consistently monitor your sustained progress, using the GOAL tool (which offers an immense database of practice problems, practice quizzes, and simulated exams) to also curate assignments for your personal exam preparation needs. Also take advantage of the program’s community forum where students will be able to share questions, ideas, and feedback with fellow students and Instructor Anyomi.

      This robust program is appropriate for exam takers of all levels, with Siegfried Anyomi developing the exam preparation road map for you to pass LTAM, allowing you to focus on studying rather than what to study. The program is designed to give you all of the very best resources for guided and self-study along with the priceless instruction of an experienced and accomplished LTAM instructor who will not only guide your progress, but will teach you the critical concepts, demonstrate problem solving and exam taking skills critical to passing. This program is the first of its kind and is designed to be the custom tool you need to succeed.

      Learn more about The Exam LTAM Preparation Program @ https://www.actuarialbookstore.com/product_summary.aspx?id=453147815

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