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      Who all has started to study for the Spring sitting?

      Doing problems for the Brosius paper. Using CF/RF. In their solutions, on the video and in the Excel, they do the least squares by calculating X-bar, y-bar, etc. and get a and b. But in excel, there is the LINEST function that would simply crank out a and b in an instant. Would we be dinged for using that? Is there some benefit for calculating all of the values?



        I recently took 7 and recall trying to use the LINEST function in the TBE environment. For some reason, it only produces one of the parameters (either a or b) and not both. I would imagine you wouldn’t be dinged but I can’t say for sure given there’s no guidance and will be no further examiner’s reports.


          Need to retake exam 7 so I am not sure if my view has any value given I failed it.

          I think LINEST is fine. It gives you a and b of you go with ctrl shift enter (is it? My finger knows). I even used FORECAST to get the final value directly, but it is worth checking if a or b is negative I think



            Resact26, I think you might need to use the array function with the Linest function to get both A & B. Btw, how did you do?


              a.       Slope:

              =INDEX(LINEST(Y, X),1)

              b.       Y-intercept:

              =INDEX(LINEST(Y, X),2)


                For 7, what is everyone’s feel on the material? Which section/paper do you find is the hardest?

                Also, is there a particular order I should go through the material? e.g. should I do section A,B,C or maybe C, A, B?

                Any tips would be really appreciated. I’ve cross posted in GoActuary.


                  I failed miserably, got my lowest score ever and will be taking 7 for the 4th time.


                    In my opinion, the only material that can’t be simply memorized is Brehm.  It’s a significant part of the exam and questions are almost all free form answer.  The more time you can spend here, the less it can screw you.  The rest of it is “here’s 15 ways to do the same exact thing”


                      In the FAQ that was released last November it says:

                      Exam Experience:

                      Q: How does CBT change the format and style of questions on CAS Exams MAS-I, MAS-II and 5 – 9?

                      A: While the CBT environment can allow for more sophisticated test questions and the use of larger datasets in the future, those changes will not be implemented for the Fall 2020 exam. The CAS is focused solely on the transition from paper and pencil to a computer-based delivery format at this time. The questions on CAS Exams MAS-I, MAS-II and 5 – 9 will be the same as those that would have been asked if the exam had remained a paper and pencil exam; in other words, the questions will be similar in format and style to previous offerings of the same exam.




                      I have searched but I was unable to find any update on this question in regards to Spring 2021 exams. Does this mean we should be prepared for more sophisticated questions using larger datasets during the Spring 2021 Exam 7 sitting? Or will this sitting still be using the same question style as those that would have been asked if the exam had remained a paper and pencil exam?


                        I would imagine that since the test is being offered just a few months after the previous test that the style will be the same.

                        The CAS probably had two exams already ready since exams were pushed off for like a year.


                          I did reach out to the CAS concerning the style of exam questions for the 2021 sitting. The response I got can be seen below in bold. It would be nice to know whether or not we should expect more data-intensive excel questions, as it would certainly impact which topics to focuses on when going through the source material / study manuals. However it seems like that important information will not be shared with candidates for another few weeks…



                          CAS Response

                          “Unfortunately, we don’t have information about the exam questions that we can make available at this time. I did reach out to our admissions department and they will be sending out more detailed information about the exam questions in the coming weeks. “


                            I imagine the spring sitting is going to be the last sitting before large adjustments are made to the exam (length, difficulty, etc) from now being CBT. So whoever is studying hard for the Spring sitting may be in luck in my opinion.

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