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      Hi Everyone,

      I am planning to take my first FSA exam in Spring 2021. I decided to take GH Specialty exam first since it is the shortest one and I like to have a try first.

      I saw lots of people used TIA and MATE study materials for FSA exams. It seems like most FSA takers use TIA because of its comprehensive coverage of the materials.

      I’ve never used TIA before because I am not a video learning type of person, but I am also wondering how MATE’s review on the study materials.

      Did any FSA takers just used MATE and pass? Which study material would you recommend for the GH track?

      Happy Holidays


        Hi Sparkle.  I used Mate for GHDP, failing Fall 2019 and passing Spring 2020.  I skipped the Fall 2020 sitting, but I’m using MATE for GHFV Spring 2021.  I really like MATE because I think it provides the right amount of material in the summary and the flashcards.  I also think their suggested study schedule (Excel file) is really good.


          Thanks for replying Brian.
          I purchased TIA and start watching some videos. I might purchase MATE’s manual and notecards as well since this is my first FSA exam.

          Were MATE the only source you use to pass the exam? Did you purchase SOA’s study notes?

          Happy New Year!!


            Happy New Year!  I have not purchased any source material for any of these three sittings.  I’ve been using only the Mate material and seminar.

            Lilly Luo

              Hello! I recently built specifically for the GH Design and Pricing exam.

              I took the DP-equivalent exam in 2019 and have since pivoted out of actuary work into software engineering. I built the site based on the materials I wish had existed when I took the exam. We offer digital outlines, notecards, and customizable practice exams. What makes us unique is we offer personalized progress tracking and previous exam insights so you can optimize your study time.

              Please check us out – you can try risk free for a week before you decide to buy!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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