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    Eva Taylor

      Each upper level actuarial exam is different in its focus and requires different exam taking skills and tips. So what do you need to know about CAS Exam 8? Here a few tips that you may find helpful:

      • Exam 8 is one of three exams that incorporate Integrative Questions (IQs) so it requires developing a deep understanding of the concepts and how the source readings relate to each other. You will need to do more in-depth studying than what was required for 5 & 6.
      • Exam 8 syllabus is constantly evolving so exam takers lack a stable bank of previous exam questions to practice from.
        Most of the source material is not difficult but it covers more detail than may be necessary for the exam. Also, most of the original source texts do not have practice problems like the ones that appear on the exam.
      • Fellowship exams have less source material to cover (700 pages for Exam 8 vs 2,500 pages for Exam 6) but have more questions that come out of “left field”.
      • Seems like speed is becoming more and more of a factor for this exam on exam day. You need to master the key facts/assumptions. If you don’t have to pause to remember the basics then you’ve got more time to watch out for sneaky things or synthesize ideas between different sources.

      We have the tools, tips and features to guide you through each of these. Discover more about BattleActs at https://battleactsmain.ca. We’d love to help you “Slay the Beast”.

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      Graham Gersdorff


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