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      I am in the process of applying for different positions. I feel I have a strong resume but I recently have failed an exam a couple times. When interviewing for new jobs, is this something I should avoid talking about? Should I just say the truth? I really feel like this could be the difference between getting hired or not. How likely is it that the employer would like to see my exam transcripts that include my fails?

      Any advice would be great because I am stressing over this.


      I had experiences failing actuarial exams more than once before, and it helps that when i heard the leaders of some actuarial associations and people who had attained Fellowship sharing their failed exams experiences as well. I guess it depends how comfortable you feel sharing it, as well as the person listening/interviewing you. Resilience and perserverence are very important in sticking to this actuarial ladder to KEEP pursuing actuarial credentials, people who never failed exams belong to the minories i think.

      At some point i fear taking exams, then i saw somewhere that says “exams are your friends in helping to assess how well you study”. It made me less fearful and focus better when studying for exams. Good luck!

      Jhon Martin

        There is no set rule when it comes to discussing recent exam failures when interviewing for a job. While some may feel that it is inappropriate to bring up such personal information during an interview, others may feel that it is important to let the hiring manager know that you are aware of your weaknesses and that you are actively working to improve them. Ultimately, it is up to the individual interviewing you to decide whether or not discussing your recent exam failures is appropriate, and it is important to be honest and open in order to show that you are committed to improving.

        James Smith

          I suppose it depends on how comfortable you are with revealing it and who is listening to/interviewing you..

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