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      At what point are we going to acknowledge that by discontinuing the release of exam questions and solutions and prohibiting discussion of exams, the CAS actuarial sitting community has essentially been muted and Outpost rendered practically obsolete? It’s hard to see the value of these forums going forward. Most of the discussions pertaining to past exam questions is already archived. Anyhow, just expressing my displeasure about the decision. This feels so strange. Now, it’s much more difficult to gauge how hard or long the exams were. It is what it is I guess.


        Tbh I’m more concerned that we’re losing examiner’s reports at the same time that they’re going to be transitioning to new question formats. One of the main benefits of moving to CBT is the spreadsheet functionality & testing material in new ways w/ the technology… so either no one ever tells anyone about the new question formats bc that’s against the candidate code, or people who are already well connected hear through the grapevine what the new question formats are like and they have an unfair advantage.

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          The optimist in me says they’re looking to be able to test things in a more straightforward fashion without putting the blueprints out there for all to see. I doubt it though. I think we’re just heading to an era of unprecedented candidate blindness.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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