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    What happened to the old Actuarial Outpost?


      Unfortunately the old outpost is no longer available, but if there’s anything specific that you are looking for we can try and find it.

      Lee T

        If there’s no place in the forum for non actuarial topics, this community is going to dissapear. This is sad. I loved this website and all the wierd quirky people that would post on here. RIP actuarial outpost.

        Jollygood, it’s been real. It’s been fun. But it hasn’t been real fun


        *Why* is the old outpost no longer available?


          Because the truth hurts… math people censoring math people.. in short, buy Bitcoin… do your own research…


            I just want access to the old ILA LP/LPM forums! The exam progress threads are SO helpful for past sittings.


              It would be nice to get an Off-Topic section


                Bump this thread. Please add a “Non-Actuarial” section at earliest convenience.


                  This is really unfortunate.  I had to create a new Login since I hadn’t visited for awhile and there’s not much here.  I was hoping for an intelligent discussion of the insurance implications of the FL condo collapse (and subsequent deliberate implosion of the building) and maybe a thoughtful discussion on the role of the CAS in making official statements  about current political/societal issues.



                    The old site was such a great treasure trove of information. I’m trying to breathe regularly right now. I was hoping to see what everybody was doing/would suggest with the new SOA requirements.


                      New (old) user.  I echo the same comments as those in the thread above.  This may be my first and last post.

                      Yuri Santos

                        Is there other interesting actuarial forums other than here?
                        Im really missing chat non-actuarial topics from time to time so i’ll be motivated to check more frequently this community

                        Buru Buru

                          Just saw these posts. I don’t get on here much since the old ao was destroyed and this new one is terrible. When the old ao went down, a bunch of us migrated to the forum on goactuary. It is mostly non-actuarial topics for now, but there are exam and career threads too, which hopefully will build up momentum. GoActuary was started by the people who started the ao and ran it prior to selling it to DW Simpson a few years later.


                          I was a long time poster on the ao, and mostly went by ao fan on the old ao in recent years, and am pretty sad that DW Simpson decided to entirely destroy it and eliminate all that great history, both in terms of professional and non-professional topics. We had a nice little community over there. This new ao will never amount to much, so I’m not entirely sure what their goal is over here in killing the old one.

                          Alex Wesly

                            ty for post

                            Bears Fan Dave

                              It’s such a shame that the old AO died.

                              Given the popularity, wouldn’t it make more sense to at least copy that old format?

                              The ‘Exams’ section here is just brutal.  No segregation by exam, and it ends up being a perpetual “who’s doing FA now?” thread.  #sad


                                It’s really a cool forum, goactuary.com.

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