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    Jerry Tuttle

      Did you load scatterplot3d?   Where is your dataframe ad?

      Here is one chunk of code that worked for me.

      df <- data.frame(workload=c(1,2,-1,2,0),
      rownames(df) <- c(“Smith”,”Johnson”,”Williams”,”Jones”,”Davis”)
      s3d <- scatterplot3d(df, angle=55, pch=16, color=”blue”, main=”3D Scatter Plot”)
      text(s3d$xyz.convert(df), labels=rownames(df), cex=1.2, col=”black”)
      model <- lm(salary ~ workload + dist2work, df)

      in reply to: Reinsurance Textbooks #7341
      Jerry Tuttle

        On the property-casualty side, the American Institutes have some non-actuarial reinsurance exams and textbooks.  You can get the textbooks and self-study without taking the exams.  You can get used textbooks pretty cheaply on Amazon or elsewhere.

        in reply to: Components of automobile BI claims #3727
        Jerry Tuttle

          I think the choices are your own company’s data and industry data.  In either case, you need some way of gathering claims data that has separate amounts for medical, wage, and legal.  Perhaps you can scrape this from your company claims files.  Otherwise, there are periodic industry closed claims studies that capture this.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)