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    quang nguyen

    Yes, maybe only me take LFM-C in this forum :))


    Haha, sorry I can’t provide more help. I’ll make sure to post any IFRS questions I have though.

    actuarially decent

    Did anyone find the TIA flashcards to be effective for this particular exam?  I know that some of the flashcard “questions” can be a little vague sometimes, but overall I really liked them for LPM and LAM for the most part.


    A few thoughts on the exam yesterday:

    can’t believe they made us to do an entire FAS97 SOE. The source reading literally didn’t even put a formula for it in the book, they just described it and hinted at at how you would solve for it. I hate to say but I worked so hard on those FAS60 SOEs, the different variance views etc, and I failed to commit the FAS97 one to memory. Just too bad. I also got tripped up because the question was worded like “your manager would like to see a different view, show SOE to show what they can expect”— I searched long and hard for an “expected” basis in the problem to compare the actuals to until I finally realized they just meant do the SOE with the actual numbers.

    They had back to back questions basically asking “is reinsurer capital better than traditional life insurance capital. I don’t see anything in the source reading talking about whether reinsurer capital in general is “better” or “worse” (weird word choice too).

    I don’t remember a 5 step mortality table flow chart? I mean I know there were steps for creating mortality table but I thought it added up to like 9 steps and where was the “flow chart” exactly?


    I think you’re in the wrong exam thread…

    Bears Fan Dave

    Hoping that Dice took the Canadian version, because I definitely didn’t answer any of those questions.

    To Actuarially Decent:  I generally hate the TIA flashcards, so I didn’t use them very much.

    My general remarks are that I felt the exam was pretty fair.  Of course there were a couple questions/spots where I feel like the question writer too heavily weighted a small piece of exam material, but that happens all the time, so it is what it is.  But it seemed like most questions did a decent job of testing knowledge, which is good.

    I imagine we’re well past the window to talk specifics, so I’ll be happy to discuss how others felt on specific parts of the exam.


    Guys sorry yeah I’m in the wrong thread— I took LPM. I don’t think there is an LPM thread active for November unfortunately so got this one confused. Sorry.


    Yeah, I feel similar to Bears Fan Dave. There was no question on the exam that I drew a blank on, which is encouraging as that seemed to happen at least once during all the practice exams I took. However, there were quite a few critique questions that seemed to nitpick minor details, which I’m hoping I either got correct from context clues or that those will be graded on some sort of curve. There were also a few questions that seemed to test the general understanding of a concept rather than a formula/list regurgitation. I think these went pretty well, but cannot say for certain.


    Hi Ahelans, I am reaching out because I am planning to sit for LAM on May 2022 and from your post, it seems that you started with LAM as your first actuarial exam, I have seen some people advising against this and I am very interested having any advice :).

    my e-mail : actuarialexams.ila@gmail.com

Viewing 9 posts - 17 through 25 (of 25 total)
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