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    I’m getting ambitious not knowing results for 5 but might as well start this thread.

    Study material recommendations? Is there any good video material for exam 6 (bedford vs TIA or others)? I’m a very big video/audio learner.


    I just started studying a few days ago!  I’ll be using TIA.  I’m also an audio learner, and it helps me reinforce what is in the material more than just reading it.  I also think the supplied flash cards will be very useful.  Sorry I can’t compare to other material.  Good luck!


    I used BA and it was super helpful!

    I suggest you to make your own flash cards because it helps you do a 2nd walkthrough of all material


    I’ve heard ba is really good, they don’t have videos though do they? I’m probably going to do tia because of the videos and idk if there’s any others that have videos at this point.

    Casual Fellow

    Offering up another option. Casual Fellow has been a leading exam preparation provider for Exam 7 since 2012. We have since moved into Exam 6U and will be opening up a seminar for Exam 9 for the Spring 2021 sitting. We offer a full online seminar for Exam 6U, including both review videos and problem videos for each paper. Take a look at http://www.casualfellow.com for more details.




    What is BA? I was thinking of using TIA, worked well for Exam 5 for me.


    Battle acts is ba


    Just took 6, BA in my opinion was decent. I think it was a good overall summary but I had to use it with TIA. If i could go back and do it again (which I hope I don’t have to) then I would only use TIA.


    I doubt I’ll be sitting for Exam 6 in Spring 2021, I’m looking at the Fall 2021 sitting instead.  I’ve taken Exam 5 for the 7th time and don’t know at this point if they will finally pass me.  However I’ve been told that Battle Acts was good and Infinite Actuary was okay by my co-worker.  I’m waiting to see my Exam 5 results first of course whenever they come out.  I do wish Bedford would have Exam 6 seminar ready because I enjoyed using for Exam 5.  Do you guys suggest Battle Acts?  I plan to use my reimbursement to purchase the Exam 6 study seminar whichever one I choose one I know my Exam 5 results, hopefully a pass this time.


    Hoping that I passed 5 in the fall, I plan on taking 6 this spring. Looking through the syllabus, it seems most of the source material is online, however there were a few syllabus items I couldn’t find. Does anyone know the best place to find the following?

    Cook, Mary Ann, ed., Personal Insurance, (Second Edition), The Institutes, 2013

    Porter, K., Insurance Regulation, Insurance Institute of America, 2008

    National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Accounting Practices and Procedures Manual, 2019, Preamble


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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