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    Wilson Chan

      Not really. I think the contents are quite different.

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      Menglong Yang

        Does anyone know what’s in the CAS study kit? Do I need to purchase that or is TIA alone enough for this exam?


          I purchased ACTEX study manual because it’s CHEAP. but never seen others mentioned it. Must be a reason for it?


            Specifically for @leibahay as well as anyone who used BA – can you share more about your experience with BattleActs? It sounds promising but I really want to hear what’s included in the products and your personal experiences with it. Did you study exam 6 with BA?

            Any thoughts anyone may have about TIA will also be helpful. I’ve only studied with TIA the past 3 exams. I’ve found some aspects of TIA completely drive me crazy, but ultimately the forum is so helpful – and there’s only one website that has that….


              How we all doing?  Whats everyone’s plan of attack? For those whove passed already, what worked well for you?


                Chugging along.. I am a repeat test taker so I can’t offer up much advice on what worked well to pass – my game plan is to do a quick read through of the material as a refresher (some source, some TIA), pick up on some areas I likely missed points on and just cranking out problems.  I did a good amount of problems last time, but not as many in excel as I would have liked.  For me I need to work on speed and, while this may seem obvious, just how to approach/frame responses and answer questions in excel (for the calculation questions in particular).  I for one and someone who remembers things by repeatedly writing it out; in excel, it’s just different muscle memory.


                  Passed Exam 5 and moving onto 6! I’ll probably read the Source Material and supplement with TIA, based on what I’m seeing here. I was going to start yesterday, but yeah, well, I didn’t.

                Viewing 7 posts - 17 through 23 (of 23 total)
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