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      I am looking for what everyone suggests as best study materials for Exam 7. I have heard CasualFellow is the route to go and to avoid TIA. I have always used TIA and like their format so I am curious to why people think that way or other opinions.


        not a fan of the TIA support but the videos and resources are helpful with the app they have.

        In terms of CBT support is is nonexistent compared to others like Exam 5 & 8, basically you got a few excel exams and you are on your own otherwise.

        I really like the Rising Fellow cookbook for the upper level exams for the “problem” portion of the exams, it does an excellent job of walking you through how to solve them and why, not just a regurgitation of the source material like some sections in TIA are done.

        TIA + Cookbook for me. Source + Cookbook is probably fine but a lot of it is awful to read and I’d rather listen to it on video/audio.


          I used the CF/RF joint seminar and I feel like it prepared me very well. If you need to save money the CF seminar would probably be enough on its own. It does a good job of explaining all the material and the problems at the end of each section are really helpful for testing your knowledge.


            There hasn’t been any release to when the Spring exam will be, right? I recently took 9 and feel I passed, so already started studying for 7, since it’ll be my last exam, but would still like to know when the exam will be.


              No there hasn’t been a release of 2021 exam dates yet


                My guess is late May / Early June based on when they expect to release fall 2020 exam results


                    Anyone using or used the Rising Fellow Problem pack? How do you find it? Do you think it’s better together with the Exam 7 Cookbook or should be enough on it’s own?

                    Note, I use the TIA seminar as unfortunately I wasn’t aware of the CF/RF seminar and now it’s too much money to buy this complete package as well!

                    Thanks for your replies!


                      Is the general consensus to tackle IQ questions first or last?


                        I definitely don’t do it first.

                        I’ll go through and get into a good rhythm of problems I know and get my confidence up then usually around half way through the time I’ll go and attempt it the first time.

                        As every time I’ve attempted it in a live exam the IQ’s have thrown me off I like to be able to get a few looks at it so I don’t save it for last either.

                        Sometimes your subconscious unlocks something while you are not thinking about it for a while.

                        But I have never passed an exam with an IQ so what do I know haha


                          Sorry if this isn’t allowed and we’re not allowed to share: but once the exam period is closed, does anyone know what the point total was?


                            What are peoples thoughts about the difficulty of this sitting?


                              Overall I thought it was a fair and challenging exam. Certainly wasn’t easy, and i definitely could have used an additional 30 minutes, but I did not think it was unreasonably difficult. It also seemed like they removed alot of the very easy, straight forward “no brainer” type calculation problems, as almost every problem seemed to have some twist to it

                              Perpetual ExamTaker

                                Agree 100%. I think if they stick with this style of wordy, twist problems, they should consider adding back in the 15 minutes reading period. There’s a lot to digest when the clock is running.


                                  I thought it was much more difficult than the 2020 exam.  They went out of their way to add in elements to even the most straight forward problems to slow you down and eat the clock as a punishment for using excel vs paper/pencil.

                                  The IQ was a total joke, nothing was “integrated” and the main point portion seemed unreasonable based on the actual syllabus readings as without real world experience in that area you would have an extremely difficult time trying to get full marks.

                                  I ran out of time due to the busy work and awful wording of the questions.  The “blooms” style of trying to catch you in little tricks doesn’t test your actual knowledge on the syllabus material, just how well you can quickly decipher their puzzles.

                                  Who knows if they even gave everyone the same test this time, they stated the reason for going dark on the exam is they want a bank of questions.  If they do that on an upper level like this I’m not sure how they set a pass mark because although they intend for questions (hopefully) to be a certain level of difficulty we all know that isn’t the case when you look back after.





                                    Agreed, significantly more difficult than Fall 2020.  Way to go CAS, outstanding work as always…

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