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      Total Points were ~59.75 if I remember right. Definitely agree on that IQ question being ridiculous.


        I didnt sit for Fall 2020, but the exam was much harder than I was expecting based on the prior released exams.

        I agree with the sentiments expressed in regard to the IQ, I was not familiar with what the main part.


          Well we can hope if enough people give that feedback and they see the results on the IQ from the graders that the pass Mark will be adjusted accordingly. Although I suspect that since the pass mark for 2020 was so high, we will pay the price via a higher pass Mark on this sitting


            Struggled more with the length of the exam than the difficulty.

            Online environment was very laggy and the limited functionality (such as use of F2, F4) doesn’t help with the pace as well.

            Perpetual ExamTaker

              The limited functionality is a complete time drain. My guess is that these questions are vetted on a standard version of Excel where F2 and F4 work properly so they might not realize how much longer it takes without those keys. It also doesn’t help when you can’t copy formulas from formula window to formula window. Or when you drag a link with a formula, the F4 undoes itself. I made this comment in the survey. I imagine most (if not all) of us who use “real” Excel on a daily basis struggled with the clunky spreadsheet environment.


                “It also doesn’t help when you can’t copy formulas from formula window to formula window.”

                I didn’t realize this until I was taking the exam this sitting which was really annoying.  Also, I know they say you don’t need to format stuff, but I still make a point to format numbers with commas or as percents.  Otherwise I really can’t comprehend if something looks reasonable or not (or if I made a really dumb formula error!).


                  The IQ questions in my opinion have to go.  I think they are a very poor differentiator.


                    Dude… is that AI generated? Or someone actually typed it? It’s pretty good if it’s AI generated.


                      LOL idk but i am definitely not testing that link.

                    Viewing 9 posts - 17 through 25 (of 25 total)
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