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      Hey could anyone advise me on a strategy for HOW to use TIA for studying this stuff? I’m trying to focus on concepts without getting constantly stuck in lists/memorization, and really I can’t figure out of it’d be smarter to start with the slides (which seem more to-the-point) and keep the detailed manual for filling in gaps that seem important, or going right to the detailed manual first. Any advice on this would be much appreciated, thank you for any insight


        Our recommendation is to read the source material along with our PAK study manual first.  After you got the concepts, then you could re-read the study manual the second time.

        this is what we recommend students to do before Labor Day.  For more detail on the strategy, please email me at francisyung@pakstudymanual.com


          I haven’t been to this thread in a while, but I’ve just have been at peace with the exam I submitted. I know there were some points I missed, but since I answered most of the exam, I think my chances are decent at worst. From past exam waiting periods, I always feel worse weeks after taking the exam than I did leaving the testing center. It sounds like you’re in a similar boat, so I think your chances of passing are pretty good!


            Failed this exam sitting. 🙁

            For those who passed, what reviewer did you use? Did you refer source study notes?


              So sorry to hear that 🙁 I fortunately passed the exam kind of unexpectedly. I thought I was able to do okay on the exam but I knew it was gonna be very close.


              I used the PAK Study Manual along with the SOA study notes. It is a bummer you didn’t pass but you’re almost there! Don’t give up!

            Viewing 5 posts - 17 through 21 (of 21 total)
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